The truth about the Life cycle of a Domain Name

Last updated: Jan 01, 1970

2020 Currently, there are about 140 million registered .Com domain names in the world. But in fact only about a third of them are active. The number of active domains that actually interact with users is much lower than that number. A lot of the domain names that are inactive are beautiful domain names. This causes many of us to rekindle the hope of being able to buy back those domain names when they expire. But in practice this is largely impossible.

What is the life cycle of a regular domain name?

Domain Name Lifecycle

Stage 1: Available Domain

All domain names, when not owned by anyone, are available domain names. Anyone can register that domain for a public and equal price for any domain name (same extension). This is completely equal, no one is privileged or limited. The price of .Com domain names in this state is usually very cheap from 8$ to 15$. To check whether a domain name is available or not you can use any domain checker tool like at

Stage 2: Registered

In the registered state, for 1 to up to 10 years, the Domain Name is controlled and owned entirely by the person who purchased it. During this period the owner may also transfer the domain name to someone else. You can also extend the domain ownership period during this period.

Stage 3: Expired and Renewal

From the time of expiration, the Domain Name will be in "Expired" status for 30 - 45 days depending on the Domain Name Registrar. The owner of the domain name will receive an email reminder to renew the domain name. Renewal in this period is very convenient and does not incur any additional costs. Usually the website will still function normally during this period, but depending on the Domain Name Registrar, it may be redirected to the website that notices the expiration of the domain name.

Stage 4: Redemption Grace Period

At this stage the owner can continue to renew his domain name but will incur a fee incurred by the Domain Name Registrar (in addition to domain renewal fees)

Stage 5: Pending Deletion

No more irreversible! At this stage the domain name has been queued to be deleted from the list of registrations. Your domain name registrar cannot help you get your domain name back.

Stage 6: Released and Available for Registration

Finally, after being removed from the domain name management system, the Domain Name returns to its original available state. Anyone has an equal chance of acquiring this domain name. Now can be your chance when you want to own a beautiful domain name. However, the reality is not so easy.

It will be completely different if it's a valuable domain name

This happens when the domain name you are waiting for is a beautiful one or the website is getting a lot of traffic. At this point there will be many people waiting for that domain to expire like you. Especially including the Domain Name Registrar themselves.

At stage 4 "Redemption Grace Period", If the owner does not redeem the domain name, the Domain Registrar is completely free to keep the domain name for themselves instead of going to step 5. Of course they just try to keep the domain name, if it's a beautiful or valuable domain name. Once retained, the domain name will usually be auctioned off. Beautiful domain names may also be called Preminum domain by the Domain Name Registrar.

Let's say the domain name you are expecting is not held by the domain registrar in step 4. The chances of you to own it are still very low. Because there are many people waiting to re-register the domain name like you. These include companies that specialize in hunting for such domain names. They have automated tools to redeem these domains as soon as it expires. Of course, you can also purchase Backorder domain services. But keep in mind that the chances are the same for everyone now, so there's still a lot of luck in your favor.

There are still other options available to us

There are still beautiful domain names that no one owns. Finding such a domain name will take a long time, but it is possible. You can use a very powerful tool provided at the website: Just enter the keywords that you are looking for, the system will automatically generate for you all beautiful domain names that are available to register. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

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